The Official Iconic Summer Essentials List

The Official Iconic Summer Essentials List

When it is time to start prepping for summer, most of us do a big shop to stock up on supplies and refresh our vacation wardrobe. Iconic Summer is here to offer some guidance with the Official Iconic Summer Essentials List. We are the experts in this sort of thing, after all. Tick off all these boxes, and you’ll be great to go!


Your Go-To Suit

Everyone needs a go-to suit. Well-made and cute without any fuss, and timeless so you can wear it over and over again. Go for something that you feel completely comfortable in for this one. And a quick-drying option is also great since you’ll be reaching for it so often. Iconic Summer has tons of cute and supportive suits that you’ll never grow tired of! Here are a couple of our favs:


The Buckle-Up one piece is simple and classic with a few special touches that make it anything but basic. The ribbed material is comfortable and provides a bit of texture. An adorable buckle adds personality and cinches the waist for a beautiful silhouette!


Our Sherry Bikini Set comes in 3 gorgeous colors, so you can show off your personality while keeping it effortless. The bikini equivalent to your cutest, comfiest pair of PJs!


Your Glam Suit

Sometimes, you’ll want to spice it up. Maybe you have a special waterfront event to attend or just want to get dressed up yourself! We have tons of one piece and two piece options with that little special something. These Iconic pieces will make you feel amazing and others will definitely take notice of your glow!


This swimsuit’s dramatic swerves and curves shape the body divinely and shows off your daring side. The double one-shoulder strap keeps you completely secure and creates a totally unique look.


If any swimsuit can be described as ethereal, it's this beauty! Tie dye patterned fabric is draped gracefully over both shoulders to create a top so gorgeous.



Show-Stopping Coverup


A coverup provides you with some essential sun coverage and the opportunity to turn any waterway into a runway! The Iconic Summer stylists have curated a collection of unique and comfortable beach dresses, so you have yet another opportunity to show fellow beachgoers your style. Our favorite right now is the Jack Beach Cover Up with its gossamer, flowy, floor-length fabric *swoon*.




Ok so we don’t mean to sound like your mom but... DON’T FORGET SUNSCREEN! It’s just a fact of life, the stuff is important, and we are all about taking care of our skin while we take in the rays. There are tons of different sunscreens on the market making it difficult to know which one is really best. The American Academy of Dermatology offers some guidelines to help you choose. They recommend a water-resistant Broad-Spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. You can check out our article on the Best Sunscreens On Amazon Under $10 for our picks, too!


Spacious Beach Bag

You’ll need a way to tote your sunscreen, coverup, and extra swimsuit (and some snacks, probably. A lot of snacks.) Our Pick is the Drew Beach Bag. It is cute enough to take anywhere and sturdy enough to hold up for endless trips to the beach and pool. With white or black to choose from, you’ll always have the perfect bag in hand and on your shoulder!


And there it is folks, our Official Iconic Summer Essentials List! You are ready to tackle the sunny season head-on and in style with Iconic Summer by your side. Check out the rest of our boutique for even more dazzling pieces. You’ll be sure to fall in love and we give that love back with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, shine on gorgeous, and have the time of your life!


Stay Iconic,

Iconic Summer x

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