Our Best Summer Beach Cover Ups

Seth Beach Cover
This beauty is an elegant cocktail cover up for beach to beach side cocktails. The cloth forms a lovely V-shape at the top. It has a free design that leaves enough room for the hands to express itself. It is made of polyester and spandex materials.
Easy to wear and comfortable on the body, the dress inspires confidence. It gives you that stunning look at both formal and semi-formal events.

Jack Beach Cover Up
The Jack Beach Cover Up is a simple and plain dress for your cocktail needs. It is a free-flowing robe that can be tied together or let loose. The simple design with a few special touches like the white dots on the polyester material makes it an attractive choice to go with. If you are looking for someone simple, comfortable, and relaxing, the Jack Beach Cover Up is ideal.

Noah Beach Cover Up
The Noah Beach Cover Up is a stunning dress for social events such as cocktail parties. The black beautiful dress has an elegant and flawless design. It uses buttons to hold the dress together to give you the option of opening up or closing up the dress.
When closed, the dress forms a gorgeous V-shape extending from the neck to the chest area, and another V-shape at the bottom part. It is perfect to wear to show off your beautiful legs. Made from cotton and polyester materials, it is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe not just for cocktail parties but for other summer fun such as beach outings.

Troy Beach Cover Up
If you want to make an impression, this dress is for you. The white net-like beauty is made of cotton material and it is transparent. There is enough room for comfort in this dress. It covers the hands down to the wrist and the dress length extends to the knee. Wear a hat to compliment the dress and bask in the compliments you will receive.

Logan Beach Cover Up
If you enjoy wearing a multi-color dress with a lot of bright colors, chose this dress. It has blue, orange, green, white, and red to name a few. The dress has a lot of cool designs that make it look even more remarkable. It is a long sleeve dress that barely reaches the knee.
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