Last-Minute Weekend Plans ...

Last-Minute Weekend Plans ...

The weekend is fast approaching and in post-4th of July blues. 

How times flies, wasn’t it yesterday you complained about the start of the week? Sadly, your regular weekend celebration is not going to be as big as you are used to, majorly because of lockdown orders and social-distancing measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
While our popular resorts, clubs, and social centers are either locked or partially locked in adherence to COVID-19 guidelines, this does not mean our weekend plans are in ruins. We can still design innovative ways to mark the weekend.
And it starts with choosing the right outfit for the occasion. Iconic Summer has the right outfits for you.
Need last-minute weekend plans to bail you out of uncertainty, we have got you covered with this little shopping list.

Our Pick: One-Piece Swimsuit
Annabeth Swimsuit is a colorful and gorgeous piece to mark the weekend. The swimsuit is designed with three color varieties from any of the following colors – Red, Brown, Pink, Grey, and Yellow. It has a lovely pink ribbon that makes the suit even more iconic. It is the perfect wear for a beach outing or just a small-house party (swimming pool included). It boosts confidence and gives that killer, head-spinning look.

Our Pick: Two-Piece Bikini Set
The Rosie Bikini Set is the classic that is perfect for a weekend hangout with friends. The multicolored bikini set makes use of thin straps you just hang over your shoulders for the top. It is fitting for different body types and comfortable to wear even in the blazing summer sun.

Our Pick: Separates
Laura Bikini Top is perfect if you prefer a daring look. The design is simple yet communicates a daring and confident personality type. You cannot go wrong with this choice. It is available in black, beige, blue and white. Want to make a fashion statement and stun the eyes of onlookers? Laura Bikini Top is the right pick.

Our Pick: Accessories
Jordan Beach Cover Up is another classy wear on the Iconic Summer shelf. If you are not comfortable with revealing much skin and still looking hot, this accessory is for you. It has net-like holes that further enhances the simple design. It is available in multiple color picks: black, white, and khaki.
It is designed to look like an evening dress. There’s that crop below the knee that bears open a leg for a more sophisticated look. The Jordan Beach Cover Up can also be worn with other accessories such as sunglasses, handbags, and shoes.

A last-minute rush can pile up a log of pressure on you. We do not envy you if you are yet to draw-up a weekend Plan by Friday. Choosing the right outfits for the weekend takes away a lot of the planning burden. This is why we have drawn up this last-minute weekend shopping list to help ease the burden on you.
We recognize that the key to enjoying a good weekend is in having the best outfit and doing exciting activities. As you rush to get set for the weekend, never forget the importance of a perfect outfit.

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