July’s Iconic Favourite

July’s Iconic Favourite

July’s Iconic Favourite

The month of July is here -  the 4th of July celebrations are underway all over the country. It’s summertime again and we have to sort out our wardrobe and roll into suitable outfits for the season. Picking the right outfit for summer is a lot of work, there are so many choices available in our store.

Iconic Summer is here to help you pick the best summer outfits for this July. Here’s a compilation of our July’s Iconic Favorites to help you have a wonderful summertime in the fashion department. Whatever the occasion – beach outing, amusement park visits, casual outings – we have got you covered.

We are experts in summer beach clothing. You can trust our selections to be great picks for the summer.



If you do not have a swimsuit for the summer, you are planning to miss out on a lot of fun you can only do in the summer heat.

  • One-Piece: Reid & Gabrielle

The Reid Swimsuit is the one-piece wear for your summer needs. The design is plain and simple and has a cool shiny design that makes it anything but unattractive. It is available in two color choices: grey and black. The polyester and spandex materials make it extremely comfortable to wear. Being elastic and hugs the body well, bringing out your best features.

The Gabrielle Swimsuit is a classy choice you will love it, if  you are looking for a swimsuit that is a combination of both vintage and trendy. It is available in black and white colors.

  • Two-Piece: Sherry & Luna

The Sherry Bikini Set has that wooing factor that will show off your daring personalities and keep you comfortable in the summer heat. It is available in three wonderful colors – blue, yellow, and orange. It is one of the cutest two-pieces in our store.

The Luna Bikini Set is a sight pleaser. It is gorgeous and accents different skin types perfectly. The colorful brown and black fabric makes use of a simple yet powerful design.


Accessories: Morgan & Seth

There is no better summer accessory for beach outing than the Beach Wrap. The Morgan Beach Wrap compliments your swimsuit or bikini set. The net-like polyester material is amazing summer wear that gives you that extra boost of confidence and comfort.

The Seth Beach Cover is amazing to wear in the summer. If you are not comfortable with wearing a swimsuit or a bikini set that shows off your skin, the Seth Beach Cover is a gorgeous alternative.


And that is our July’ Iconic Summer Favourite. With these clothes in your wardrobe, you are set to enjoy a blissful July. Our online boutique has a variety of summer clothing choices, visit to purchase your dazzling outfits.

Stay Iconic xoxo

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