Best Rooftop Swimming Pools - East Coast

Best Rooftop Swimming Pools - East Coast

Paying a visit to a rooftop swimming pool is a brilliant way to make your summer memorable. On the East Coast, there are numerous rooftop swimming pools where you can lodge, party with friends, relax away from work, dip in the pool, and access quality spa treatment. a
You are going to enjoy fantastic views from the rooftop of the hotel, the landscape and the natural beauty of the East Coast comes alive from the vantage height of the rooftop.
Hotels offer this service; some restrict it to hotel guests, and some allow non-guests to access their rooftop pools on the condition that they pay for their other non-booking services such as food and drinks or spa treatment.
Some say the views from the rooftops are sensational; we couldn’t agree more.

The Colonnade, Boston
The rooftop pool is on the 12th floor of The Colonnade. Head up to the rooftop for a swim in the heated saltwater pool. From the rooftop, you enjoy beautifying views of the Back Bay, Copley Place, Fenway Park, church steeples, and more sensational sites.
The rooftop is popular with local and hostel guests. Occasionally, hosted concerts, weddings, and other social activities take place there at a price.
Access to the pool is open to both guest and non-guest alike. The cost of full-day access for non-guests is $50, access to the pool from 3 pm to closing is $25. The prices vary for weekends and the holiday seasons.

The James Hotel, New York City
Located in Manhattan, the rooftop pool is a lovely summer attraction for New Yorkers and visitors. The rooftop pool offers an unobstructed view of Manhattan, enjoy a wholesome view of the Manhattan district from the rooftop. You get to see many of the cool architectural elements of the city from a vintage height.
Access is open to guests only, but non-guest can access the rooftop by hanging out at Jimmy (the restaurant) for nighttime drinks and snacks. The rooftop pool has a maximum capacity of eighty.

The Hotel of South Beach, Miami
Catch amazing views of Miami from the rooftop of The Hotel of South Beach. The atmosphere at the rooftop is tranquil and private, making it an attractive relaxation spot for the summer. From the rooftop, your eyes will behold the beautiful sites of the beach and Art Deco architecture of neighboring buildings.
Access to the rooftop pool is for guests only. While at the rooftop. Enjoy a spa treatment at the cabana, order the grilled chicken sandwich, or/and the refreshing wish salad, relax and enjoy the ambiance on a heated summer day. At night, the rooftop transforms into a night swimming mode with lots of attractive lights and fun activities.

Donovan House, Washington, D.C.
The rooftop pool of the Donovan House is typically quiet during the day, making it the perfect scenery for relaxation. Check back at night, and the place is buzzing with life and activities. You get beautiful views of the Thomas Circle, and nearby church spires and brownstones.
The pool is for hostel guests, closes by 5 pm. Night swimming is not allowed.

If you are on the East Coast, consider visiting one of these rooftop pools for a fantastic summer experience. Spice up your summer holiday with rooftop swimming activities.

Stay Iconic.

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